CommunityIMPACT, Inc.

Governance Purpose & Philosophy

Governance Purpose & Philosophy

The primary purpose of CommunityIMPACT, Inc.’s Board of Directors is to glorify God through serving as the stewards of our Values Owners in governing this organization.


The basis of governance policies are the principles for Policy Governance,® Christian values, and legal compliance.



  1. As stewards, the Board:

a.  Is accountable to, and entrusted by, its Values Owners with the authority to govern all aspects of the organization;
b.  Is obligated to listen and communicate with the Values Owners regarding the organization’s direction and outcomes;
c.  Selects, employs, and partners with an Executive Director who creates an operational structure and policies based upon governance policies.


  1. The governance policies, which define the role of the Board and its relationship with the Executive Director, address the following:

a.  Foundational Statements including Organizational Ends
b.  Governance Process
c.  Board/Management Relationship
d.  Executive Limitations



Adopted:  August, 2007  |  Modified: January, 2008  |  Printed: January, 2013