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Board Member Selection Process

Board Member Selection Process

Board member selection and development will be a continual process involving all Board members.  The objective of this process is systematic identification, preparation, and succession that maintains the continuity and integrity of the Board.



  1. All Board members will be responsible for cultivating relationships with persons who may meet the qualifications as future Board members;
  2. Before submitting a name for consideration, a Board member will informally ascertain the potential candidates compliance with the Board Member Qualifications (III.B) policy;
  3. Board members will inform the Board about potential candidates;
  4. From the list of potential candidates, the Board will develop a prioritized list;
  5. The Board will have two additional members talk with the potential candidates to determine a mutual fit using the Evaluation Tool Guide;
  6. Using the prioritized list, candidates will be invited by a Board member to have their name submitted in nomination;
  7. The nominated candidates will be elected according to the Bylaws;
  8. New Board members will receive an in-depth orientation to the organization and Policy Governance by the Chief Governance Official and Executive Director.



Adopted:  October, 2007  |  Modified: August, 2010  |  Printed: January, 2013