CommunityIMPACT, Inc.

Values Owners Connections

Values Owners Connections

Regular two-way communication between the Board and the Values Owners is imperative.


Therefore, the Board will develop an annual strategic communication plan involving each Board member and all Values Owners:


  1. Continue with the identification of new and prospective Values Owners;
  1. Match Board members and Values Owners to maximize effectiveness of communication and relationships;
  1. Regularly listen to their perspectives on CommunityIMPACT, Inc.

a.  Sharing the return being provided on their investment of time, talent, treasure, and credibility;
b.  Regularly communicate new initiatives and opportunities for CommunityIMPACT, Inc.;
c.  Identify new service and collaborative opportunities.

  1. Board members report findings at the upcoming Board meeting
  1. Discoveries communicated to the Executive Director and staff to:

a.  Improve programs and services;
b.  Develop new collaborative relationships;
c.  Expand customer base.



Adopted:  September, 2007  |  Modified: January, 2008  |  Printed:  January, 2013