CommunityIMPACT, Inc.

Board Evaluation & Development

Board Evaluation & Development

The Board will participate in an ongoing self-evaluation process to determine its effectiveness in governing CommunityIMPACT, Inc. and create an annual Board Development Plan to address deficiencies.


Specifically, the Board will:

  1. Appoint one member to complete a Meeting Evaluation form and offer an oral report at the end of each meeting.  The written reports will be utilized in the annual Board performance evaluation;
  1. Annually evaluate the overall Board compliance with the Governance Process and Board/Management Relations policies and identify needed policy revisions or additions/deletions.
  1. Develop an annual plan for individual and full Board knowledge and skill development based on results of;

a.  Meeting an annual Policy Compliance Evaluation
b.  Connecting with Values Owners
c.  Findings from annual Strategic Issues Retreat




Adopted:  October, 2007  |  Modified: January, 2008  |  Printed: January, 2013