CommunityIMPACT, Inc.

Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture

The Board of Directors will define the essential characteristics of the organization’s culture to be preserved through changes in operational leadership.

The primary characteristic of the culture is that staff creates a Christ-like environment.


Specifically the characteristics of the CommunityIMPACT, Inc. culture include:

  1. A commitment to achieving a vision that exceeds individual capacity and is grounded in taking unconditional responsibility for their actions;
  1. A vision that connects people in a common effort with genuine meaning;
  1. Self-disciplined people, thought, and action;
  1. An environment where people are encouraged to speak the truth in love about any topic, internal or external;
  1. Dependence upon and submission to God;
  1. A team-based organization that values the leadership role of each individual staff member through training and growth opportunities;
  1. Innovation through experimentation and risk-taking;




Adopted:  November, 2007  |  Modified: January, 2008  |  Printed: January, 2013