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Discipline for Policy Violations

Discipline for Policy Violations

If an individual Board member intentionally violates the Board Member Responsibilities (III.D) or Board Member Code of Conduct (III.E) policies, disciplinary action is required.


  1. The Chief Governance Official (CGO) will be promptly informed of the alleged violation.  If the CGO is accused, the Vice-Governance Officer (VGO) will be promptly informed.
  1. The CGO, or Board Member designated by the CGO, will personally talk with the accused in an effort to determine truth.
  1. Regardless of the outcome of step 2, the CGO, or Designee, will discuss the accusation with two (2) additional Board Members to determine subsequent action, if any.
  1. If the accused Board Member is believed to have made the policy violation, the situation will be presented to the full Board at the earliest opportunity to determine if removal from the Board of Directors is appropriate.




Adopted:  September, 2007  |  Modified: January, 2008  |  Printed: January, 2013