CommunityIMPACT, Inc.

Delegation to Executive Director

Delegation to Executive Director

The Board will instruct the Executive Director through written policies that:

  1. Prescribe the organizational Ends to be achieved
  1. Proscribe organizational situations, and actions to be avoided, and;
  1. Allow the Executive Director to use the Reasonable Interpretation of these policies;



Specifically, the Board delegates to the Executive Director:

  1. Authority to determine the means to achieve the Ends;
  1. Authority to define and implement all operational policies in accord with the governance policies defining Ends and Executive Limitations;
  1. Full responsibility for hiring, organizing, and defining the jobs for all staff;
  1. Responsibility for implementing decisions made by the Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors will respect and support the decisions of the Executive Director that are consistent with governance policies.





Adopted:  November, 2007  |  Modified: January, 2008  |  Printed: January, 2013