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Annual Governance Calendar

Annual Governance Calendar

The annual governance calendar identifies tasks and activities to ensure that all elements of the Board job descriptions are fulfilled.


Specifically, tasks and activities include:

  1. Review and evaluate governance policies for relevancy;
  2. Monitor staff compliance with Ends and Executive Limitation policies;
  3. Monitor Board compliance with Governance Process and Board/Director Relations policies through an online policy evaluation in August.  The full Board reviews survey results and revises policies according to the Governance Calendar (III.H);
  4. Evaluate Executive Director and determine compensation changes;
  5. Create, implement, and evaluate on-going communication, listening, and feedback activities with Values Owners at every Board meeting;
  6. Nominate Board officers and members to fill vacancies;
  7. Elect Board officers and members to fill vacancies;
  8. Meet with an  auditor annually with the Executive Director present and also in executive session;
  9. Annual orientation of new Board members following election and no later than November 15;
  10. Annual retreat to review the strategic plan developed by staff and identification of strategic issues and opportunities to be addressed in next year’s strategic plan




Adopted September, 2007  |  Modified: January, 2009  |  Printed: January, 2013