CommunityIMPACT, Inc.

Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

  1. Free pastors to pray, preach, and proclaim with increased territory to shepherd;
  2. Increase the capacity of the believers to lead;
  3. Mobilize members as neighborhood missionaries at school, work, and neighborhoods;
  4. Measurably track community impact in communities served by CommunityIMPACT, Inc.:

(a)    Ensure every child is prepared for Kindergarten with a capacity to learn;

(b)   Eliminate the ever-increasing academic achievement gap;

(c)    Eliminate the waiting list for children, youth, and families who seek a mentor;

(d)   Engage and inspire students and employers to eliminate the plague of presenteeism;

(e)   Eliminate the re-offense rate with our state prisons and county jails;

(f)    Eradicate the obesity epidemic and heart disease;

(g)   Eradicate substance abuse, specifically heroin;

(g)    Everyone has safe and affordable housing.


Adopted:  January, 2007  |  Modified: January, 2016


Postponed January, 2012

Develop and test the discipleship model required to achieve the Target:

  1. Affinity Group Networks
  2. Local Church Worship
  3. Trans-Denominational Neighborhood Small Group Networks
  4. Accountability Triad Networks
  5. Leadership Bands