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Monitoring Executive Director Performance

Monitoring Executive Director Performance

The Board of Directors will review Executive Director’s performance as basically identical to organization performance.  Therefore, the Board of Directors shall regularly monitor the Executive Director performance as indicated by:

  1. Progress toward the Ends;
  2. Compliance with the Executive Limits;
  3. The state of the organization culture (IV.H):
  4. The Executive Director’s personal and professional development.


Specifically, performance will be monitored in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Internal reports agreed to by the Board relating to:

a.  Compliance with each Executive Limitation;

b.  Progress toward achievement of the Ends.

  1. External review by independent, outside experts selected and retained by the Board of Directors including an annual financial assessment.
  1. Direct inspection by Board designated members or subgroups.  Any Board member shall immediately inform the Chief Governance Official (CGO) of any condition or action believed to be non-compliant with the Executive Limitations.
  1. CGO, or the delegate, shall periodically connect with Executive Director in a caring and accountable relationship for personal health and well being.




Adopted:  November, 2007  |  Modified: October, 2012 |  Printed: January, 2013